In 2012, he graduated from the Tokyo Zokei University Department of Design interior architecture .  I have been enrolled in the Tokyo Zokei graduate design  master's program from 2015.  At current graduate school , Based on the research of “Meaning” and “Value” of objects, I have mainly produced furniture .  I would like to call my work “Object,” because what I make is different from what is seen as “Product.”

My Concept

I thought about the importance of linguistically understanding the value the thing has and the value the person finds in things, but not like simple expressions such as cool, pretty, etc.  I am thinking that there are important elements other than the value that can be formulated, quantified and dateable like monetary value and function.  As a result, the sense of distance to objets is shrinking and I think that it is possible to understand the other side of objects.

since graduate degree, I incorporate Roland Bart's semiotics and the concept of time in Heidegger's books in my work. As a result, I found value in hierarchy and stratification of the meaning of one symbol and object, and assembled the concept from there. In the concept of time, The act of laborious acts or the act of taking time mean that the producer uses the time until his death for production. In other words, production acts can be said to the gorgeous act of time using until the death of the author. So I created a delicate object by glass, but at the same time it contains a heavy context of death of the producer.